MTB-OZ is the mailing list for Australian mountain bikers. Managed since 1996 by John Stevenson, it now has members spread across Australia, and beyond. 

The MTB-OZ FAQ Contents

Section A: MTB-OZ specific
  1. How to subscribe and unsubscribe
  2. Posting guidelines
  3. Taking part in MTB-OZ rides
  4. Lyle Edwards and Burning Rubber Products
  5. MTB-OZ in-jokes

Section B: Mountain biking in Australia and related topics

  1. [1] Where to ride in Australia
    [2] Great mountain biking areas
  2. Australian governing bodies for cycling
  3. The good shop guide
  4. The mail order debate
  5. Australian MTB web sites
  6. Treating snake, spider and tick bites

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